Information and Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology

As educators we have the responsibility of preparing students for the demands of an ever-changing, technology rich world. Digital technologies used for clear learning purposes, coupled with effective pedagogy, re-shape both teaching and learning.

At Sherbourne Primary School Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is meaningfully incorporated into our curriculum, with devices integrated into lessons as an additional learning tool.

Our school has a variety of devices including banks of ipads, Mac and Windows laptops as well as desktop computers. All classes have scheduled one-to-one sessions with both iPads and laptops each week.

We have a specialised ICT room at Sherbourne, where we have a green screen and associated lighting set up. This allows the children to impose images, film movies and create animations.

At Sherbourne students use ICT devices for a range of learning opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • creating and editing videos;
  • audio recordings;
  • creation and reading of eBooks;
  • word processing tasks;
  • access to online learning supports such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs;
  • online research.

At Sherbourne we are mindful of the amount of ‘screen time’ our students are exposed to. Our ICT sessions (particularly during the junior years) also focus on developing correct posture and effective typing skills when using devices.

Information and Communications Technology