The Victorian Curriculum is organised into three strands for Mathematics:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Incorporating all three strands, Mathematics at Sherbourne is engaging, enriching, stimulating and fun for our students. Our students are constantly challenged to extend their mathematical understandings and achieve a personal level of success. They are always encouraged and provided with opportunities to apply gained mathematical knowledge to real life situations.

Mathematics is taught daily with a typical maths lesson beginning with a whole class focus and warm up activity. Students may then be working on group exploration activities, in a teacher focus group or independently on set tasks. The lesson then concludes with the children sharing and reflecting upon their learning.

Activities often involve the use of ‘hands on’ materials, mathematical tools (eg rulers, protractors, measuring tapes) and technologies such as calculators, computers and iPads.  Our program is well supported with excellent mathematical based classroom resources in each room.

All of our children have access to the online Mathletics program, which can be accessed both at home and at school via either computer or iPad. Each child has an individual password and must complete tasks set by their class teacher. This program also provides students with the opportunity to play mathematical games against other children from around the world.