Transition Program: Grade 6 to Year 7

Transition Program: Grade 6 to Year 7

During fourth term, all of our Grade 6 students participate in a unit focused around ‘transition and change’. This unit is aimed at preparing Grade 6 students for their upcoming transition to secondary school.

At Sherbourne Primary School, some elements of our transition program include:

  • Families are encouraged to attend secondary school Open Days and undertake tours with their child;
  • Visits from current secondary school students, (generally past Sherbourne students themselves). These sessions allow the Grade 6 children to raise any questions or concerns they may have, in an environment where they feel comfortable and confident;
  • Attendance at several activities conducted by local secondary schools: eg Thinking Carnival and Leadership Day at Montmorency Secondary College, School Productions, Arts/Technology Show at Eltham High School;
  • Visiting musical groups from local secondary schools throughout the year. This provides an insight into the Music and Performing Arts programs offered at a secondary level;
  • Allocated class sessions to develop Year 7 Passports, (work sample portfolios which are required by several secondary schools);
  • An Orientation Day in December at each child’s chosen secondary school;
  • Graduation rehearsal at a local secondary school;
  • Sherbourne Upper School teachers are in contact with all secondary school staff throughout third and fourth term;
  • Grade 6 teachers have transition meetings with all future secondary schools.

Each year we survey our past Sherbourne students in regards to the Transition program offered at Sherbourne and how prepared they felt to make the move from Grade 6 to Year 7.

Transition Program: Grade 6 to Year 7

What aspects of our school’s transition program have been particularly helpful or important?

I found that the transition unit and the sessions provided to work on our Passports to Year 7 were really helpful. They gave me an idea about the expectations of secondary school.

Orientation Day was great because I got to meet my classmates before Year 7 actually started. Participating in The Thinking Carnival which was held at my secondary school was also helpful. It meant that I could find some of my classrooms easily as I had been in those rooms before.

The visits from past Sherbourne students were great. We could ask them lots of questions and they showed us their uniform and how to use a combination lock for our locker.

We had lots of help learning about high school from our teachers and volunteer high school students. Activities we did such as The Thinking Carnival helped me discover lots of different aspects of secondary school Thank you for preparing me for high school.

I found having school time to complete my Passport SO helpful. Sherbourne has such a great transition program and I love my new school too.

I think that the transition communication between my primary and secondary teachers was very important and helpful.

Thanks to all of my teachers who did the best they could to help me out with my transition

I felt very prepared for secondary school because of how much all of the teachers helped us prepare so we wouldn’t be so confused or worried.

Comments made by past student from Transition Surveys.