Technologies – Digital and Design

Technologies – Digital and Design

As educators we have the responsibility of preparing students for the demands of an ever-changing, technology rich world.

At Sherbourne PS students have access to a bank of iPads and a bank of laptops across the school as well as a range of digital technologies including Spheros, Cubettos, Dash dot and, Beebot we use for coding and problem solving across the school.

We use Digital technologies across the curriculum. In Literacy and Numeracy, Digital technologies enable us to practice our skills in a different format, it also enables greater personalisation of learning.

The skills, thinking, and knowledge of the Digital and design technologies curriculum also are taught.

At Sherbourne PS we have our E smart accreditation, it is critical we use our technologies responsibly, respectfully and safely and know what to do if we run into issues online including cyber bullying.

All students and their families must complete an acceptable use of technologies agreement each year to remind us of safe and responsible practices as well as care of our devices.

Lunchtimes and recess breaks are screen free times at Sherbourne. We are very conscious of limiting the amount of screen time our students have whilst also giving tem opportunities to develop these important skills.

Technologies – Digital and Design