School Council

School Council

The School Council is a legally constituted body representing the school community and making decisions on its behalf. The Council consists of eleven members - 7 elected parent representatives, 3 elected employees of the Department of Education and Training including the Principal as Executive officer and 1 co-opted member.

Members are elected for a period of two years with half the council positions falling vacant each year. The School Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the school staffroom. (Members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings). Duties of the School Council include the following:

  • Determining educational policies within government and Department of Education guidelines,
  • Maintaining the school buildings and grounds and planning for their future development and improvement,
  • Promoting and maintaining the school’s positive image,
  • Consulting community on school related issues,
  • Managing the school’s finances.

The Council is supported by a number of sub-committees. Each sub-committee is convened by a member of the School Council but membership is open to all community members. The sub-committees are made up of the following:

  • Buildings and Grounds Committee

This Committee handles all matters relating to the school’s physical environment. Maintenance of the grounds is a key responsibility.

  • Finance Committee

This Committee sets the budget for programs on an annual basis. It monitors the financial activities of the school and its trading operations.

  • Parents and Friends Committee

This Committee is made up of members of the school community. It is a friendly group which welcomes all new comers. The Parents and Friends organise many fundraising and social events for the school community.

  • Brand, Publicity and Marketing Committee

This groups’ focus is promoting the positive image of our school.


School Council

Junior School Council – a representative council of students.

All grades are represented on the Junior School Council (JSC) at Sherbourne. At the beginning of each semester class representatives are nominated and elected by their peers. The JSC, including the school and environment captains, meets each week with the Principal where they discuss and act on issues of concern to them around the school. They help identify school improvements and wish list items for fundraising.

Each JSC member reports to their class and takes class comments and suggestions back to meetings. JSC representatives run fortnightly whole school assembly and organise fund days and fundraisers.