Whole Child

At Sherbourne Primary School we have a focus on the whole child. We try to focus on the bigger picture and recognise our responsibility to support the health and happiness of our students and not just their academic results.

Calm Corner/Zones of Regulation

Every classroom has a dedicated ‘calm corner’ and withdrawal space to assist with the emotional regulation of all children. We often refer to the ‘Zones of Regulation’ to help children have a better understanding of how they are feeling and strategies that help them when they have these feelings.

Restorative Practice

When problems arise, we try to use restorative practice. This is a strategy that seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged.

 The Resilience Project

This year the school has invested in a wellbeing program called ‘The Resilience Project.’ It is a program by teachers, for teachers.

We are part of the School Partnership Program which aims to INSPIRE and ENGAGE the whole school community – students, staff, parents and carers – through the evidence-based GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) principles. Teachers have access to a combination of resources, engaging lesson plans and inspiring digital presentations to embed GEM throughout our school.

Every fortnight, at our whole school assembly, we recognise children demonstrating the GEM principles with our GEM Awards.